Saturday, February 13, 2016

Samuel the Lamenite

This part of the Book of Mormon is so exciting!  It's getting close to the time that Christ is born.  At this time the usually good Nephites, are not so good.  It happens.  It's all because things were going so well that they became prideful and then forgot their God.  This happens over and over in the Book of Mormon.  Now usually the Lamenites are the unrighteous jerks.  They murder and steal.  But every time I read this part of the Book of Mormon I'm struck by the fact that they won't swear an oath to not attack. Even when the alternative is to be killed if they don't. And they still won't. Based on the fact that they know they won't keep that oath. Amazing right?

So, the times, they are a changing. The Nephites are bad and the Lamenites are good. Twist!  One of the coolest stories is the story of Samuel the Lamenite.  He risks it all and goes over into Nephite territory to spread the word, that its' time to repent because Jesus Christ is about to be born!

Ever tried to point out that someone needs to change their lifestyle?  It's probably not met with hugs and laughter. Good times, I'm sure.  I don't know.  I haven't ever told someone they need to repent.  Cuz, that's kinda my thing. To not get people angry with me.
Anyway, I am assuming it takes a lot of faith in God to travel to another city, climb their wall and prophesy (yell it out) that it's time to repent.

Not so surprising is that the Nephites are not liking this message.  In fact they try to kill him for pointing out that their lifestyle is wicked and needs to stop.  They shoot arrows at him.  And not one hits him.  Not even one.  He just keeps pleading with them to repent.  And he gives them the signs of the Saviors birth.  All while on top of the wall that encircles their city.

It's such an exciting part of the scriptures!
I found this video on YouTube of two missionaries singing a song about Samuel the Lamenite.  I'm assuming that they wrote it?  I have no idea.  I've never heard it before but I love it. It's actually a great song!

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