Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weather Girl and News Girl


They think it's gonna kill em' dead, but believe it or not.... they're actually getting better at this!
I think the reason I don't care much about talking in front of people is because my Daddy 
did this miraculous thing when I was a kid. 
He bought a camcorder! 

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have hours of home videos! 
But, if I go down, I'm taking Rebecca, Mandi, Josh, Erin (my nieces and nephew) and Jon (my brother) down with me!!!
No worries guys, they're locked up in the vault.
ALL the blood drains from my head just thinking about those things being seen by anyone again.
Funny how I use to think they were the best things to watch! Oh, my!

But, honestly I think every kid should have hours of camera time.
You don't agree?
Well, it's true.  Getcha' a camera and watch your kids laugh for hours at them selves! 
I laughed the loudest at myself when I was a kid.
And who doesn't need to lighten up a bit? Especially when they're looking at themselves.
Never take yourself too seriously.
We're all dorks.
Well, the cool people are anyway.


So, my fraidy cats are starting slow. Baby steps to being as cool as their Momma!
They have a loooooooong way to go
 to reach my treasure trove collection of embarrassing home movies but, it's a start.
No really, a looooooooooooooong loooooooong way to go.
tee hee.
Maybe someday I'll find a clip that's not too terribly embarrassing to share.
Don't hold your breath.

Weather girl and news girl it is for now.
Love it or leave it, but that's all you're gettin'.