Tuesday, May 8, 2012

100% 8 years old

This is my cute, little red headed, Boo Boo! Sometimes I'm under the impression she thinks it will kill her dead to make eye contact with the camera, but this time she did pretty good! Astonishing.
She was somewhere far beyond freezing while we took these.  In between shots she would chatter her teeth and yell at me with her face scrunched up but it went back to happy as soon as the camera was in front of my face.

She's 98% FUN -- 1% "Are you paying attention?" and 1% "Seriously Boo Boo did you hear anything I just said?"  I guess that makes her 100% 8 years old.

And what I know for sure is that I NEVER know for sure what she's gonna say next!
Yes, she has a temper - duh red hair.
Yes, she loves to bake.
Yes, she calls my phone 3 seconds after I leave the house. every. single. time.
Yes, she called her little sister a penis head. (And we all busted up laughing)
Yes, she has the most money saved out of all her siblings.
Yes, she flaunts the above in their faces.
Yes, she hates to cuddle. Like photography, it might kill her dead. Unless she's sick (which secretly I kinda love it when she is.)

She is a handful but I wouldn't have her any. other. way.

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Haven said...

Your hair looks amazing! I love the color!Your hair looks lovely and it all sounds very enjoyable.