Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some like it HOT--- yep duh!

 It felt like a day in July! 
The kids were so happy and of course duh I was as snug as a bug in my hot weather. 
 It's kinda how we roll.
 Let's pretend that I put that dolly away and cleaned the porch before I took any pictures. deal?

This is the typical 8 year old picture right?  
Those big teeth that they don't grow into for a few years. 
So adorable.

 Should I claim him? No, really should I?
 How hard do you think it would be to find someone else to claim him for a day/picture?
 She, however is a keeper! Her only wish is to be as funny or as clever as the other kids. 
Hey, squirt you win!
 Style points for this move.

 Every Mom knows this face... the pretend exhaustion face.
 He favorite thing in the world, the thing she sings about and begs for all year long.... Watermelon!

 Sorry about this picture.... are you feeling queezy yet? 
I think that's enough... you'd better look away now. 
I'm not cleaning that up!
That's your barf. You clean it!

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