Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blurry pictures

Happy Birthday to me!
P.S. my daughter took these and almost ALL of them are blurry.
So... I never have good pictures taken of me unless my sister Suzy does them.
The crown was made by my 5 year old.... Don't be jealous.
And how cute is Ms. Tessmacher?
 Lovely huh?
 blur... blur... blur...
 Oh look another blurry picture. Amazing.
 Despite the bad photography..... here's the best part.
It's the part where I find out that I'm going to the Beach Boys concert.
Yeah me!
I'm so excited to go I can't wait! 

My kids are so tired of me telling them to "close your eyes and pretend like you're hearing this song on the radio for the first time!" When ever Good Vibrations comes on.
But, all I hear from them is "yes Mom it's a cool song ok?  We get it, you love this song."
To which I reply "You dorks don't understand anything." 
But, they do love it and they know every word and sing along.
Almost as loud as me.

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