Thursday, May 17, 2012

Me and my little girls

 Aren't they cute?
I mean... look at those faces!
 I miss my cute little squishy babies.

 Awwwe my sweet little girls.

Believe it or not, sadly, I still wear this shirt.

  Ok... not my best look what with the early morning mascara still under my eyes.
And let's face it.... my girls are ragity but, super cute!
And.... I still wear this hoodie too. 
Is that sad or what?

 They're still so cute and sweet and perhaps a little less squishy but I still squish em' like they're the same little chunky squishy babies they once were.

You know the phrase "The more things change, the more they stay the same?"
They still don't share a bite with me!
But, that's why they're squishy-er than I am! hee hee

Next year we won't all be hanging out together, just the three of us.
They'll be at school and I'll either be hanging out by myself or off to work.
I'm gonna miss these days.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My son?

My son? This kid? My blonde golden boy? 
Apparently today a kid tried to grab him in anger because of a dispute in foursquare at recess and instead of being like his Momma he grabbed the kids arm twisted it and held it behind his back and said 
"Don't ever grab me again!" 
How awesome is that?
He clearly doesn't take after his Momma. I'm not super scary or brave. 
What an inspiration though... maybe next time someone tries to grab me 
(probably never) 
I'm gonna do the cop arm twist on em'!
Why not? I work out. I'd like to think that I'd be brave enough to do it.

If someone hurt my kids though... 
you'd have about 3 seconds to say a final prayer before you meet your maker!
Everything I do--I do for them. 
I live for them and I'd protect them at any cost!

I'm pretty sure my eyes would turn red
and steam would blow from my nostrils and ears if they were ever harmed.

When he got in the car he told me the story and he said... are you mad at me?
I was like, NO! That's flippin' awesome!

I wanna be like you when I grow up!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blurry pictures

Happy Birthday to me!
P.S. my daughter took these and almost ALL of them are blurry.
So... I never have good pictures taken of me unless my sister Suzy does them.
The crown was made by my 5 year old.... Don't be jealous.
And how cute is Ms. Tessmacher?
 Lovely huh?
 blur... blur... blur...
 Oh look another blurry picture. Amazing.
 Despite the bad photography..... here's the best part.
It's the part where I find out that I'm going to the Beach Boys concert.
Yeah me!
I'm so excited to go I can't wait! 

My kids are so tired of me telling them to "close your eyes and pretend like you're hearing this song on the radio for the first time!" When ever Good Vibrations comes on.
But, all I hear from them is "yes Mom it's a cool song ok?  We get it, you love this song."
To which I reply "You dorks don't understand anything." 
But, they do love it and they know every word and sing along.
Almost as loud as me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some like it HOT--- yep duh!

 It felt like a day in July! 
The kids were so happy and of course duh I was as snug as a bug in my hot weather. 
 It's kinda how we roll.
 Let's pretend that I put that dolly away and cleaned the porch before I took any pictures. deal?

This is the typical 8 year old picture right?  
Those big teeth that they don't grow into for a few years. 
So adorable.

 Should I claim him? No, really should I?
 How hard do you think it would be to find someone else to claim him for a day/picture?
 She, however is a keeper! Her only wish is to be as funny or as clever as the other kids. 
Hey, squirt you win!
 Style points for this move.

 Every Mom knows this face... the pretend exhaustion face.
 He favorite thing in the world, the thing she sings about and begs for all year long.... Watermelon!

 Sorry about this picture.... are you feeling queezy yet? 
I think that's enough... you'd better look away now. 
I'm not cleaning that up!
That's your barf. You clean it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

100% 8 years old

This is my cute, little red headed, Boo Boo! Sometimes I'm under the impression she thinks it will kill her dead to make eye contact with the camera, but this time she did pretty good! Astonishing.
She was somewhere far beyond freezing while we took these.  In between shots she would chatter her teeth and yell at me with her face scrunched up but it went back to happy as soon as the camera was in front of my face.

She's 98% FUN -- 1% "Are you paying attention?" and 1% "Seriously Boo Boo did you hear anything I just said?"  I guess that makes her 100% 8 years old.

And what I know for sure is that I NEVER know for sure what she's gonna say next!
Yes, she has a temper - duh red hair.
Yes, she loves to bake.
Yes, she calls my phone 3 seconds after I leave the house. every. single. time.
Yes, she called her little sister a penis head. (And we all busted up laughing)
Yes, she has the most money saved out of all her siblings.
Yes, she flaunts the above in their faces.
Yes, she hates to cuddle. Like photography, it might kill her dead. Unless she's sick (which secretly I kinda love it when she is.)

She is a handful but I wouldn't have her any. other. way.