Thursday, January 5, 2012


Is that lame that I've been in love with watching documentaries?
Ok... fine.  I'm lame. But, I was lame before I took up my new habit of late night documentaries so it really doesn't hurt that much.

Two of them were so fascinating... One on a cave in France that had 32,000 year old paintings in it.  Yes, Thirty two thousand years old! Isn't that crazy? That's twice as old as any other human evidence that has been found. (think about that next time you think it's a small world... not so much.)  And the other was on Buddha.  Both were amazing.

You should see these paintings... I can't paint like this.  It's all just black chalk type stuff but it is really amazing.  And I've had art classes.  Where does a man 32,000 years ago learn shading and detail?  And motion?  That's so incredible.... he tried to draw eight legs on a buffalo to make it look like it's running!

And then the one on Buddha blew my mind too.  I don't know what I thought Buddha was but I guess I was under the impression that he would be like a Jesus type.  He had great teachings but there was NO humble birth.  He was the son of the Queen and his father spoiled him until he was 29.  And then he saw the world for the first time.  I guess what made the story amazing to me was that he is a person and an interesting one at that. 

I don't know exactly what enlightenment is but I'm pretty sure that he did achieve it because he was so far ahead of his time.  I love how he treated women as equals in a time when women were so mistreated.  That alone, makes him pretty cool.  He was worth learning about for sure.  I leaned some new things...  To be grateful for even the little things..... like that my cup holds water.  Never got THAT grateful before.  That is extreme gratitude, don't you think?

Paintings of Chauvet cave in France