Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 years of Bliss and Joy!

My baby is 5
She promised me she would stop growing.
Just like her big sister promised me...
and now she's 13 1/2!
What a bunch of liars I'm raising!

My baby is the cutest and sweetest little girl in the whole world!
I'm sure of it!
Everybody says so anyway..... and millions of people can't be wrong!

She reminds me everyday that we are best friends forever.
And I'm not about to correct her.
Cuz we sure are!

I have had the MOST fun this year spending each and every day with just her.
The 2 of us had so much fun going to lunch or making crafts.
We did our own preschool classes.
And she is so smart BTW.

This little nut knows more about Dinosaurs than any one else I know.
More than any adult or kid!
She's a genius!
But of course she is.... she's my daughter! :p

Happy Birthday
I love you more and more each day!