Sunday, February 27, 2011

Abby's Big Solo

(This thing was focused and ready to go until at the very moment that she walked out on stage. But I fixed it after a second or two)
She was SO nervous. We were SO proud.... but also nervous for her.
She signed ME up to be part of a flash mob just before the concert. Thanks Abby. You're special. ugh
So I had to stand up and start singing The Beatles' "All You need is love" with her. 
In the middle of people talking and eating and laughing.
I have always wanted to be part of a flash mob but when the time came to do it I felt like clutching my throat and faking a cough that was about to claim my life instead of singing.

I was sitting at the table sweating and looking for her wondering if she wasn't going to show up by my side and just leave me there to sing by myself. 
My nerves were nearly shot by the time she finally showed up.
See? Double nervous.

She did an AMAZING job on her big solo.
She picked a fantastic song.
She did fun actions and threw in her cute personality while she sang.

I think I've watched the video of her performing about 50 times already.
But that's to be expected when you have the worlds best 13 year old in the whole wide world!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Performance Dresses

Cleaning out my closet reminds me of that scene from Monty Pythons Holy Grail where they are calling out in the streets "Bring out chir dead!"
Not that I wanna give you the impression that I'm cleaning out my closet today.  Just that I NEED to.  I really really do.  But, not today kids.  Nope not today.

I'm busy living on the edge. I just got back from JC Penny's.
Long story short my daughter has a solo in school. Today she sings for the first time with the live band.  She had to take her performance dress to show her teacher.  I kid you not she took Laura Ingalls dress to school!
She literally was prepared to look like Little House on the Prairie for her big performance.

I happen to know a little bit about performing on stage.  Laura Ingalls dresses, while cute for the beach or perhaps church, don't make the best choices for PAZAZING the stage.

Thanks for letting me vent to you all.  I feel better. Not fantastic. But better. :)

Here are her choices for dress options. Which one do you guys love the most?

 Of course the gray one would have some major sparkly jewelry and cute high heel boots to go with it.
The others you can see why they would be perfect for the stage.  They're loud. She's gonna have a shade to go under the straps. FYI

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fancy Schmancy!

Here's what we did to occupy our time whilst being grounded.
She and I... both grounded. Though I did nothing wrong.
Like I said in my last post. That's just how it goes. You ground your kids -- You're grounded too!

So, to be honest it's been really fun trying to come up with things to do that don't include any electronics of any kind. Hard and challenging but fun.

One of our adventures was our Fancy Schmancy lunch!
Peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  (It doesn't get any fancier than that.)
Strawberry lemonade  (that SO impressed my 4 year old punk to the point that she's been doing little things for me all day to say thank you.  Things like unwrapping the starburst FOR ME. I know.... That's love huh?)
And last but not least carrot sticks.  (without dip so that I can justify the starbursts later mmm kay? mmm kay!)

 Cheers to us!
The picture above is our snooty tooty picture.  
I was showing her how to stick her pinkies out!
You have to eat that peanut butter and honey sandwich properly!

 Her face just cracks me up!

I think the best part of our lunch were the magic tricks. 
Her finger just kept falling of!!!
"Look Mom it came off again! giggle giggle giggle"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My kids are grounded for the next couple of days because they....
Oh I forget.
I forget almost every time I ground them why they're grounded.
But yesterday I made a point to tell them that I'm not gonna forget about it this time!
Do you hear me?!
So I reminded them again this morning that they are not gonna watch t.v. today or tomorrow.
No t.v.
No computer
No electronics! period.

I just wish I could remember why they were grounded in the first place.
I think they were bad. I can't remember.
It must have seemed bad at the time anyway.

Sophie keeps asking if she can watch Dinosaur train.
But, she's grounded. Why do I do this to myself?
If I ground my kids that means I'm grounded too!

She's so bored that she put some of Daddy's socks on her head and said she looks like Blue.
And she wanted to go look for clues.
We found an earing.... somehow that's a clue.
We hung a picture on the wall.... Also a clue
We did our hair and the hair brush, clips, mirror, and hairspray were all clues.
Every room we walked into she said "Keep your eye out for another clue Mom."
"Ok Baby you got it!"
She said Ms. Tessmacher is acting mysterious. And we need to look for clues to find out why.
So we did.
But is mysterious really the word to describe Ms. Tessmacher today?

 It's still morning annnnnnnd I gotta be honest.
This grounding stuff is for the birds!
Who came up with this idea anyway?

I gave in!
Ok you little punk you can watch Dinosaur Train!

I had to film her watching it because.... It shows you all just how much she loves this show!
It makes me laugh how innocent and easily entertained she is!