Wednesday, January 26, 2011

which way did they go?

I can't find my valentine decorations! What box did I put those in? In my panicked hastiness and jittery eagerness to move into spring did I burn them and not remember? Honestly?  Where are they?
They have to be around here somewhere. 

When you forget where you put your decorations and or what you did or didn't burn while sleep walking. This is what happens...

Yep! The decoration that we ALL owned and purchased in 1998! Well you probably all had Bears.  But I asked the lady to make me a bunny and she did! Yeah me! But then.... Bunny's started popping up on doors all across the Valley! You crazy wannabe's! (a phrase from the 90's that I really don't miss. Just one more thing from the 90's that's coming out today.)

It really begs the question.... "why do I still have this?" I'm sure you're all asking your selves the same questions right now. The answer is... This dumb bunny and ALL it's many holliday decoration/ outfit changes were pretty costly! Thus I have held on to the bunny in hopes that it would one day make a fashionable return.  It hasn't but... it's all I have for Valentines! I did make those cute pillows with my cute Abby the other day so we have those. 

The other thing that I'm looking for is my kids! Where did they go? Abby is about to be a teenager!? How does that happen? Where does the time go?

Here's her latest BIG NEWS... The Further Adventures of Abby and Hayden

Just mash my lack of Valentine decor and my missing kids with the BIG GASH on the side of my car that I just put there less than 10 minutes ago and you have a rip roarin' happy MEREDITH!   ... NOT!... (another 90's phrase that I don't miss.)

Did I miss any important 90's phrases?

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