Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow pictures.... What a great idea!

 When it snows, I always have this great idea.... 'I'll go take pictures of the kids out in the luscious white snow. This will be perfect!'
So, today I thought, as I looked at my camera I'm gonna go take amazing, beautiful, breath taking photos of the kids in the snow today! I was so excited! I had this vision (initiate dream sequence... swirly clouds and misty blurred vision) 'I'll have Ms. Tessmacher holding the rope to the toboggan'  I thought to myself.  'How funny will that be? ... just priceless'  But, then.... the following happened instead...

 Work with me people! And what happened to Ms. Tessmacher?... Oh!
Ms. Tessmacher, NO!
 Really Hayden?..... Sophie sit down!
 Hello? I'm over here guys! Look at Mom.... 1,2..... ugh!
 Guys! We're losing sunlight! We have to hurry! 

This just..... nothing is.... why aren't you guys....  Just Forget It! 

This is the Best one I got! Not much I could do but love em' in-spite of their unwillingness to cooperate!
I got some of Sophie earlier today! Ain't she sweet?

Ms. Tessmacher hates the snow by the way. The ONE time and I mean the ONE time I need her to chew a piece of rope... she wouldn't! I just wanted her to hold the rope in her mouth for 2 seconds! But no! ....honestly.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Haaaaaaaa! That is awesome! What fun! Love the pics!

Josh and Cara said...

Love the pictures! Sophie looks so BIG! You're such a cute and fun mommmy!! Love ya!