Friday, January 28, 2011

I want Pony Tails for lunch!

I asked my little one where she wanted to go for lunch today...
I gave her a few options. McDonalds? Taco Maker? Wendys? Burger King?
She thought for a minute and then said "I want the Pony Tails."

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh... huh?

Oh! hahaha Wendys?

She so impressively says "Yes-a-Do!"
And that's my moment! .... Pride... taking over......chest swelling with happiness and sunshine.... Must keep it together.... focus....

I always throw a "Do" on the end of a word when the subject is cute or wonderful or just good.
And a "Dunk" if it's bad or even questionable.

Did someone say lame?

I heard that!

Anyway.... My soph-a-Do, is my little shadow in every way! She loves to spend time with Mom more than anything else in the whole world! In fact when the kids are home too much for a vacation or  just a long weekend she gently pulls them aside and reminds them that they need to go back to school so that she and Mom can be alone to play. (Yea.... I'm like a celebrity to my 4 year old.)

She even tells Dad .. "Go to work now Dad so me and Mom can play". She's my favorite!  I might lie to the other kids from time to time but really.... She wins! Hands down! I mean... Hands down-a-Do!

Everyday I ask myself what I'm gonna do when she grows up?! I don't think I can make it without my shadow guys. In all seriousness this particular subject of her going to Kindergarten has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life.  And that's NO joke! Yep, I'm gonna cry... a lot! I already have cried about it. Pray for me this summer!

It's hard to part ways for hours at a time with the little sweetheart that makes me smile all day long. She really is a perfect little cutie!

But, when she's older and she refuses to clean up her mess cuz she's a teenager and has "better" things to do then listen to her Mom???? Then she can be Soph-a-Dunk! But for now She's my Soph-a-Do!

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