Friday, January 21, 2011

Hiiiiiii yuuuuuuuh!

This kid.... is my nephew!
Take a look
Yes 6 World Titles at the age of 8!
I'm just a gushing proud Auntie but when your nephew is on t.v. what else can you do?

A couple of weeks ago he was on the front --
page of the news paper in UT!
He's that cool.
I happen to know that his parents are amazing and that's why he is too!
Growing up his Mom, Mandi and I were inseparable in every way!
Both had the Dorthy Hamil hair cut which apparently joined us at the hip for life!
She and I have had more fun growing up then most people should be allowed to have.
We have too many videos of us dressed up as old ladies ...thinking we were so clever.
Oh... that's enough of that subject.
We slept over at each others house every weekend. That's not an exaggeration.
Like I said... Dorthy Hamil bonds you for life.

I have SO many funny stories about our time together.... but for now here's just one.
not proud but...
On the sky ride at Lagoon - (The one that's like a ski lift) we use to point at kids who were all alone and scream at them that their rope is breaking and their ride was about to fall!
And..... of course the kids would scream and stand up and were hysterical and Mandi and I would just laugh and laugh... until we saw more unsuspecting victims up ahead.
That's when you HAVE to regain composure.
(Mandi, Mandi here come some more kids.!)

Not everything we did was mischievous but most of it was. Surprised? I know I had you all fooled that I was a sweet and innocent child. .... nope.

I really have to say I had THE BEST childhood.  I really have NO complaints. It's not until you grow up and hear other peoples stories that you realize.... Man! I had it so good!.... Perfect, in fact! I feel kinda guilty about it sometimes.  The only bad part was that some of my brothers and sisters made a point of telling me HOW GREAT I HAD IT! ... so rude! hahahahaha
I had the best parents the BEST brothers and sisters but the best part about my childhood was my nieces and nephews.  We really had a blast together.  Mostly making home movies skits or plays. Seriously so embarrassing!
I'm cringing just thinking about them.
Mandi is a great person! And apparently (not that I didn't already know this but..) An awesome Mother!
She makes us all proud to call ourselves Mom's.
She is what's it's all about.
Mandi is the type of person that puts everybody else first.
But, I think you'll all agree that once your kid makes it to the front page???? You can take some time for yourself!

Congratulations Branson... You really are amazing and such a hard worker.

There are TONS of pictures of Mandi and I through the years but none that don't stain my pits!
So... just imagine me with a Dorthy Hamil and move on....
 Above is Branson's little brother Cole. He's pretty cool too!
And a future wold champ in the making!

And below is a picture of a large portion of my family.
(I can almost smell Lee Lee's chicken in the background)
And right up front and in the middle are
Pre-Dorthy Hammil
Mandi &Meredith


Karen said...

Wow, that really is amazing. I think by the time I was eight, I had climbed a couple of trees...

Meredith said...

LOL me too! I think actually I learned to ride a bike around 8! How depressing is that?