Saturday, January 1, 2011

Got a new App

Haley.... with long hair.

This is the only one that I look normal in! I look hideous in all the other photos!

LMAO what a pompous little twit!

Yea That's Todd!

I took this picture of Sophie while she was sleeping! LOL

Doesn't Todd look like the Rat from Harry Potter????

I know..... intimidating huh?


Hayden looks so dorky! Good thing he doesn't look like this in real life!

I kinda look like Carol Burnett... is that a good thing or a bad?

Well now we know.... pale and chinless isn't a good look for me.

This cracks me up EVERY single time I look at it! Can you imagine someone holding that face while they were being painted? LMAO

That's my Sophie.....

And Sophie ... again.

And Abby fits right into this picture doesn't she? So cute!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Yeahooo! You are BACK! These are stinken hilarious! Oh man...I need tissue for my eyes!

Vern said...

So apparently you were supposed to be British royalty. Who knew?