Monday, January 17, 2011

Am I dreaming?

Is it a dream???
No it's Edward, The once elegant, contemporary and under-exploited fashion sense, has now been transformed into a new vibrant un-cold war like exotica!
How? When? Why?
These questions are revealed as we look at this springs newest and most inventive fashion.
Ed, the drab cold-war look is so passé !
This new exotic skirt does wonders for the admirers eye!
 The hand sewn stitching is seamless and perfection itself!
 The layers upon layers around the tush create a false sense of flatness.
So good for any Vampire stuck at a perky age 17.
 Just look at the immense sparkly-ness on this guy!
He's happy. He's confident. He's ready for another 4 years of High School in this boxy quadruple lined amazon skirt.
Raise your hand if you love Boo Boo's latest creation for Edward!

Great sewing Boo Boo! You're the cutest little 6 year old seamstress in the whole world!
And I love you!
And Edward thanks you for taking off his drab gray jacket and bringing him back to life!
Who knew there was a cure for Vampire-ism????

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