Monday, January 31, 2011


Can you see the black eye?
I'm not sure why she won't open her eyes but, at least you can see her black eye.

 With happiness and excitement she handed me my ipod and showed me her new high score!
I cheered for her and she turned to run down stairs but ran SMACK into the door!

 She wanted her pictures taken.
My plan was just to photo-shop the bruise.
But since she wouldn't even open her eyes.... I guess these are just bruise pictures!

 Isn't she cute? Even with her eyes closed.

My little cutie pie is so precious!
I love her chunky arms and cheeks.
I love her sweet closed eyes.
I love her little giggle when she wants her picture taken.

She's my best friend
And I love her to pieces!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I want Pony Tails for lunch!

I asked my little one where she wanted to go for lunch today...
I gave her a few options. McDonalds? Taco Maker? Wendys? Burger King?
She thought for a minute and then said "I want the Pony Tails."

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh... huh?

Oh! hahaha Wendys?

She so impressively says "Yes-a-Do!"
And that's my moment! .... Pride... taking over......chest swelling with happiness and sunshine.... Must keep it together.... focus....

I always throw a "Do" on the end of a word when the subject is cute or wonderful or just good.
And a "Dunk" if it's bad or even questionable.

Did someone say lame?

I heard that!

Anyway.... My soph-a-Do, is my little shadow in every way! She loves to spend time with Mom more than anything else in the whole world! In fact when the kids are home too much for a vacation or  just a long weekend she gently pulls them aside and reminds them that they need to go back to school so that she and Mom can be alone to play. (Yea.... I'm like a celebrity to my 4 year old.)

She even tells Dad .. "Go to work now Dad so me and Mom can play". She's my favorite!  I might lie to the other kids from time to time but really.... She wins! Hands down! I mean... Hands down-a-Do!

Everyday I ask myself what I'm gonna do when she grows up?! I don't think I can make it without my shadow guys. In all seriousness this particular subject of her going to Kindergarten has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life.  And that's NO joke! Yep, I'm gonna cry... a lot! I already have cried about it. Pray for me this summer!

It's hard to part ways for hours at a time with the little sweetheart that makes me smile all day long. She really is a perfect little cutie!

But, when she's older and she refuses to clean up her mess cuz she's a teenager and has "better" things to do then listen to her Mom???? Then she can be Soph-a-Dunk! But for now She's my Soph-a-Do!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

which way did they go?

I can't find my valentine decorations! What box did I put those in? In my panicked hastiness and jittery eagerness to move into spring did I burn them and not remember? Honestly?  Where are they?
They have to be around here somewhere. 

When you forget where you put your decorations and or what you did or didn't burn while sleep walking. This is what happens...

Yep! The decoration that we ALL owned and purchased in 1998! Well you probably all had Bears.  But I asked the lady to make me a bunny and she did! Yeah me! But then.... Bunny's started popping up on doors all across the Valley! You crazy wannabe's! (a phrase from the 90's that I really don't miss. Just one more thing from the 90's that's coming out today.)

It really begs the question.... "why do I still have this?" I'm sure you're all asking your selves the same questions right now. The answer is... This dumb bunny and ALL it's many holliday decoration/ outfit changes were pretty costly! Thus I have held on to the bunny in hopes that it would one day make a fashionable return.  It hasn't but... it's all I have for Valentines! I did make those cute pillows with my cute Abby the other day so we have those. 

The other thing that I'm looking for is my kids! Where did they go? Abby is about to be a teenager!? How does that happen? Where does the time go?

Here's her latest BIG NEWS... The Further Adventures of Abby and Hayden

Just mash my lack of Valentine decor and my missing kids with the BIG GASH on the side of my car that I just put there less than 10 minutes ago and you have a rip roarin' happy MEREDITH!   ... NOT!... (another 90's phrase that I don't miss.)

Did I miss any important 90's phrases?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sophie's Wishing and Dreaming

 We've always had the most fun at Disney Land! We talk about it all the time. All the adventures and rides, characters and shows, the browsing and buying in the shops.
But, Sophie has decided that she's never been to Disney Land because she was a baby when she went. Her new favorite line is "I haven't been there as a kid yet! Please take me Mom... please!"  And Todd and I just laugh and keep putting it off. Sophie is not amused.  Sophie want's to go now. Sophie wants Mickey. If Sophie had the proper vocabulary to express her self she would say "This is clearly Child Abuse!"

 My kids are short. I suppose I could expound on that if you like. My kids are really short. (You're welcome) Let me start my explaining the above picture.  Several things are making me laugh so hard I cry. And before you judge, just keep in mind that my kids are short! Look at their shoes.... Isn't that hilarious? The roller skates are tucked safely away so that no one can see them but that extra inch helped them get onto the bigger rides. And I'm happy to report that no one fell out of the roller coaster. whew!
Also, look at Abby's puffy eyes. She happens to be allergic to different geographical areas.  Think that's funny? It's actually true.  Well... sort of.  She's allergic to something at the Utah zoo. And something in Manti Utah.  Also (and we didn't know this at the time) something in Las Vegas, where we spent the night on the way to California. Thus.... puffy for days!

 This was Sophie's age the first time she went there.  Technically speaking she wasn't invited to the last trip to Disney World. Poor thing. She and Haley stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. Not sure that we've been forgiven for that yet.
 Look how little my Boo Boo (Haley) was! How sweet are these pictures?
 Boo Boo was about 10 or 11 months old when Tiger jumped out to play with her. There were about 100 people standing in line to see him and he just left to play with Boo! I grabbed my camera just in time to snap just one picture! But he played with her for about 5 min. (Sorry people in line)
Isn't this Cinderella the best?  That was a long line.... I think about 2 hours to meet about 4 or 5 princesses in a row but, it was SO worth it!
 This is it.... The single most detrimental picture we posses! It's on the fridge mocking Sophie each and every day! She passes it every once in a while, sighs, slumps and holds her head down low as if someone had told her that Mickey died. This picture is how she knows that she was there but that she was a baby at the time. I don't feel that sorry for her..... can our relationship be saved?
This picture at Disney World reminds me that I think I look better as a blond.
Todd, however does not look good as a blond but he's a good sport to try it for me once in a while.

You keep dreaming and wishing Soph! I'm sure you'll get to go there as a "kid" someday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hiiiiiii yuuuuuuuh!

This kid.... is my nephew!
Take a look
Yes 6 World Titles at the age of 8!
I'm just a gushing proud Auntie but when your nephew is on t.v. what else can you do?

A couple of weeks ago he was on the front --
page of the news paper in UT!
He's that cool.
I happen to know that his parents are amazing and that's why he is too!
Growing up his Mom, Mandi and I were inseparable in every way!
Both had the Dorthy Hamil hair cut which apparently joined us at the hip for life!
She and I have had more fun growing up then most people should be allowed to have.
We have too many videos of us dressed up as old ladies ...thinking we were so clever.
Oh... that's enough of that subject.
We slept over at each others house every weekend. That's not an exaggeration.
Like I said... Dorthy Hamil bonds you for life.

I have SO many funny stories about our time together.... but for now here's just one.
not proud but...
On the sky ride at Lagoon - (The one that's like a ski lift) we use to point at kids who were all alone and scream at them that their rope is breaking and their ride was about to fall!
And..... of course the kids would scream and stand up and were hysterical and Mandi and I would just laugh and laugh... until we saw more unsuspecting victims up ahead.
That's when you HAVE to regain composure.
(Mandi, Mandi here come some more kids.!)

Not everything we did was mischievous but most of it was. Surprised? I know I had you all fooled that I was a sweet and innocent child. .... nope.

I really have to say I had THE BEST childhood.  I really have NO complaints. It's not until you grow up and hear other peoples stories that you realize.... Man! I had it so good!.... Perfect, in fact! I feel kinda guilty about it sometimes.  The only bad part was that some of my brothers and sisters made a point of telling me HOW GREAT I HAD IT! ... so rude! hahahahaha
I had the best parents the BEST brothers and sisters but the best part about my childhood was my nieces and nephews.  We really had a blast together.  Mostly making home movies skits or plays. Seriously so embarrassing!
I'm cringing just thinking about them.
Mandi is a great person! And apparently (not that I didn't already know this but..) An awesome Mother!
She makes us all proud to call ourselves Mom's.
She is what's it's all about.
Mandi is the type of person that puts everybody else first.
But, I think you'll all agree that once your kid makes it to the front page???? You can take some time for yourself!

Congratulations Branson... You really are amazing and such a hard worker.

There are TONS of pictures of Mandi and I through the years but none that don't stain my pits!
So... just imagine me with a Dorthy Hamil and move on....
 Above is Branson's little brother Cole. He's pretty cool too!
And a future wold champ in the making!

And below is a picture of a large portion of my family.
(I can almost smell Lee Lee's chicken in the background)
And right up front and in the middle are
Pre-Dorthy Hammil
Mandi &Meredith

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Valentine Craft idea

 Abby and I made these cute pillows for valentines.
She is the cutest!
We had so much fun putting them together. 
Sewing and stuffing
Writing and fraying
Aren't they so cute?
This cute idea came from 
We had never soaked fabric in tea before but it worked great!
All these pillows say "I love you" in different languages.
Love these pillows
And I love all you guys!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Am I dreaming?

Is it a dream???
No it's Edward, The once elegant, contemporary and under-exploited fashion sense, has now been transformed into a new vibrant un-cold war like exotica!
How? When? Why?
These questions are revealed as we look at this springs newest and most inventive fashion.
Ed, the drab cold-war look is so passé !
This new exotic skirt does wonders for the admirers eye!
 The hand sewn stitching is seamless and perfection itself!
 The layers upon layers around the tush create a false sense of flatness.
So good for any Vampire stuck at a perky age 17.
 Just look at the immense sparkly-ness on this guy!
He's happy. He's confident. He's ready for another 4 years of High School in this boxy quadruple lined amazon skirt.
Raise your hand if you love Boo Boo's latest creation for Edward!

Great sewing Boo Boo! You're the cutest little 6 year old seamstress in the whole world!
And I love you!
And Edward thanks you for taking off his drab gray jacket and bringing him back to life!
Who knew there was a cure for Vampire-ism????

Friday, January 14, 2011

What is this?!

 What is this?
No shoes on Boo Boo and Hayden has her boots on HIS feet?
I'm sorry I turned these to B&W because you're really missing the bright pink flower on the boots.
These two had a blast though. Hayden pulled Boo Boo around the back yard till his feet felt like falling off.
Speaking of his feet, he couldn't even put his foot all the way down in the boot because they were so small on him. I'm not sure if I should mention that HIS boots were right by the back door. disturbing.
Or maybe it's more disturbing that I'm just standing in the door way with my jaw dropped but still snapping photos? No, I think the boots are the more disturbing attribute here today. 
Dad will be happy to know that even while wearing his little sisters boots.... the kid is still reaching for his light saber.
The force is very strong with this one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kid History - Episode 3

The most wonderful girl in the world (Lianne Jex) gave this video to me!

It's really really REALLY funny!

Make sure you're not drinking any milk while you watch it! ;)

When ever my kids are relaying a story to me about their day or a movie they've watched... I often wonder
"How can this story have this many Uuuuuuhm's or be this drawn out?"
But I guess my kids are just typical kids! I guess I don't have to sign them up for psycho therapy..... They're NORMAL! Hooray!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow pictures.... What a great idea!

 When it snows, I always have this great idea.... 'I'll go take pictures of the kids out in the luscious white snow. This will be perfect!'
So, today I thought, as I looked at my camera I'm gonna go take amazing, beautiful, breath taking photos of the kids in the snow today! I was so excited! I had this vision (initiate dream sequence... swirly clouds and misty blurred vision) 'I'll have Ms. Tessmacher holding the rope to the toboggan'  I thought to myself.  'How funny will that be? ... just priceless'  But, then.... the following happened instead...

 Work with me people! And what happened to Ms. Tessmacher?... Oh!
Ms. Tessmacher, NO!
 Really Hayden?..... Sophie sit down!
 Hello? I'm over here guys! Look at Mom.... 1,2..... ugh!
 Guys! We're losing sunlight! We have to hurry! 

This just..... nothing is.... why aren't you guys....  Just Forget It! 

This is the Best one I got! Not much I could do but love em' in-spite of their unwillingness to cooperate!
I got some of Sophie earlier today! Ain't she sweet?

Ms. Tessmacher hates the snow by the way. The ONE time and I mean the ONE time I need her to chew a piece of rope... she wouldn't! I just wanted her to hold the rope in her mouth for 2 seconds! But no! ....honestly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Auld Lang Syne - Starting a new tradition

First of all let me say that I just don't like this phrase. Maybe it's because I felt tricked as a child by that song into thinking they were singing "old inside".... (humph, they did that on purpose!) Or maybe it's because that song sounds inundated with melancholy-ness! Or maybe it's just because I'm not Scottish.  (oh wait, yes I am) Crud, what is it about that phrase that makes me feel like I should cover my face in black lace like I'm in mourning?
..... I don't wanna!

Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish phrase that means - For old times sake. Ok... that's not so bad. But why, for the love of Mickle Maks Muckle (my new scottish phrase) do we have to make it all so sad? It's a long drawn out good bye to the last year. "Fare the well Last Year, we hardly knew ye!"  I kinda like the idea of being excited about the new one up ahead! 

Anyway, My point? It's on it's way...
I have lot's O' Irish and Sottish in me! (Well all of Great Brittan flows through my veins) 
Love St. Patrick's day! Wish we had a Scottish day.... But, we sorta kinda do. It's the new year!
I just wish we could celebrate all the MANY things that the Scottish have contributed to man kind.  
Oh! Scotch Tape!
And.......... a good Ol' Scotch blessin'! 
Kilts, bagpipes, Crazy phrases that I don't understand like, "I'll gei ye a skilput lug!" Yea, I don't get it either.
Anyway.... I'm not feeling the Scottish pride on New Years, but "Whit's fer ye'll no go by ye!" Wasn't that poignant? Didn't that just sum it all up right there?!  Actually it means - What's meant to happen will happen! I'm not gonna put a kilt on next year but I am gonna try and include some new Scottish traditions in bringing in the new year.  After all it's the only Scottish Holiday we've got! 

For this year anyway - Auld Lang Syne Everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uncle Winston

My Uncle Winston passed away yesterday. This is a picture of he and his wife Sally.
 My Mom has three amazing brothers!
On the left above is my Uncle Barney, then my Mom and next to her is Winston and on the right is Tom.

Uncle Winston is in the middle and my brother Paul is to the left and Uncle Barney is to the right.

 Looking through my boxes of pictures I found pictures of my cousins (Uncle Winston's kids)
And I have to say.... they are so cute!
These pictures were in an album that use to sit proudly on my Grandmothers coffee table.

It's really the ones that are left behind that we feel for.  And I do!
I know what it's like to loose a father and I know their pain.
I love my cousins and I wish them the best and pray for them!

And I will miss you a lot Uncle Winston!
But, we'll see each other again someday!
Until then...  and on behalf of me and my brothers and sisters, we love you!