Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speaking of my Mom...

Isn't she a beauty?

Anyway.... speaking of my Mom
(in the last post)
She wrote a little poem
when she was a little girl
that to this day
She cannot live down!

First let me set the scene...
It was during the Depression.
It was 1943 and it was during WWII
she and her friends
grabbed her wagon and decided to
set out into the world
and do their part for the war effort!

They walked around the neighborhoods
collecting scrap metal.
And all the while she yelled
out her famous little poem
at the top of her lungs!
(I'm sure, inspiring people everywhere within the sound of her voice!)

It's a very famous poem among me and my siblings

I share with you now
The greatest words that were ever
uttered during that war.
Grab your tissue box...
here goes.

"Here Ye, Here Ye
All agree
If we were to be all free
and the flag was flying high
way beyond the deep blue sky
Happiness, Happiness
all around
and no soldiers shot to the ground!
So come on come on
let's all pitch in!
Come on
Then we'll be sure to win!"

Did that make any sense to you?
Me neither!
How ever, you should know that she was able to
collect enough scrap metal in her wagon that
she and all her friends
received a shiny new

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