Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's the second video

I don't know why but, the post below doesn't have the second video of me chasing Sophie to figure out why the camera won't take my picture. But, here it is!
Watch the one below first and
then come back and watch this one


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mom impatient with Sophie


I'm not sure if the second video downloaded all the way.

We'll see I guess.


Sophie and Haley love to take pictures and they wanted to take some of me here and there

So I just did what they said.

But, then... Sophie told me to stand in the kitchen by the chair

and she wouldn't take the picture!

So... I was a little pushy for her to take it!!!!

That's what you see in the video.... because she switched it to video instead of picture!


It's funny because I'm so impatient and she caught it all on film! GREAT!!!!

I'm not sure if the video's are in order or not but... enjoy!

The Christmas Party!

Sophie LOVES her Uncle Steven!
And Uncle Steven is moving to Japan
He has a plethora of kids that have gown up and moved away
and I'm sure he's thinking.... It's time to return the favor!
Ugh I don't LOVE this photo, but... Linda looks cute!

This is Leigh's reaction to the melted remote!
Yes.... my kids did that! hee hee oops

This is my brother Paul! I just LOVE him to pieces!
I was massaging his back.

Poor thing has a really bad back right now.
So bad he has to have a vibrating thing-a-ma-bob implanted in his spine!
Let's not talk about it... I might faint!
too late....clunk

My brother Steven again!

Brad and Suzy
Been dating for.. how long?... FOREVER!
And then Brad moved to Vegas and they see each other
maybe 2 or 3 times a year.
And that's the secret to their relationship! HAHAHAHA

This is when Sophie first saw her Uncle Steven!
She ran right up to him!

Dang that Uncle Steve!
Steve is my brother in law... Love em'!
He spoils Sophie a little too much though.
He gave her sugary sweet after sugary sweet!
She's looking at herself in a mirror!

Love our Uncle Steve!
wanna know why?
He's a great cook!
And I could talk to him for hours!
I could literally just sit and listen to this guy for hours!
He has lots to say about lots O' things!

This is Babe and my Mom
Babe couldn't make it to the party but she did make some chowder for us!
Isn't she nice?

Linda is into this new... no cooking.. thing?!
All raw... no cooking.
Crazy right?
Watch this video
This desert was Uhhh-mazing!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unwrapping presents

What is it about opening presents?

And to Sophie.... it's NEVER about what's inside

The pure thrill of it is the actual opening

of the paper!

The anticipation!

I'm just wondering why she thought

'this time something wonderful will be inside'

How many times do you have to unwrap the same thing

before you realize the outcome isn't going to change!

This morning I found these wrappers all over

my bonus room.

And then these thrown all over

(probably in disappointment each time she found the same thing inside)

It's so funny that she had to unwrap the entire

package of cough drops!

How many times was she disappointed with what she found?!

I love my little chunkers!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speaking of my Mom...

Isn't she a beauty?

Anyway.... speaking of my Mom
(in the last post)
She wrote a little poem
when she was a little girl
that to this day
She cannot live down!

First let me set the scene...
It was during the Depression.
It was 1943 and it was during WWII
she and her friends
grabbed her wagon and decided to
set out into the world
and do their part for the war effort!

They walked around the neighborhoods
collecting scrap metal.
And all the while she yelled
out her famous little poem
at the top of her lungs!
(I'm sure, inspiring people everywhere within the sound of her voice!)

It's a very famous poem among me and my siblings

I share with you now
The greatest words that were ever
uttered during that war.
Grab your tissue box...
here goes.

"Here Ye, Here Ye
All agree
If we were to be all free
and the flag was flying high
way beyond the deep blue sky
Happiness, Happiness
all around
and no soldiers shot to the ground!
So come on come on
let's all pitch in!
Come on
Then we'll be sure to win!"

Did that make any sense to you?
Me neither!
How ever, you should know that she was able to
collect enough scrap metal in her wagon that
she and all her friends
received a shiny new