Friday, November 6, 2009

My Son -- The Golden boy!

Yes, My son is our Golden Boy!
He won an award a few weeks ago.
His teacher asked us to keep it a secret and not tell him
So he didn't even know that we were in the back waiting to take his picture!
When they called his name he was so shocked!
Only 4 kids in the whole school got this award!
They had some decorated military guy
come and talk about
integrity and citizenship
and how important they are in the military.
It was actually a really great speech!
And then they called out his name!
We're so proud of you Hayden!
You're the best kid in the whole world!
And you totally deserve the nickname
Golden Boy!
It's Best if you sing it out!


The Grapers said...

Hooray for Golden Boy! That's awesome, my boys dream of those awards... but I'm not sure they are "golden" material.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

I always thought he was kinda shiny! Great job kiddo!