Monday, September 14, 2009

Tallyns Reach BBQ

Did we have fun?
You tell me
And is this the BEST ward in the world?
You tell me
Big Shout out to KIM GRAPER!!!
You're the BEST!


Baley was the big winner!!!!

Layton Lancer.... seriously?!
You're so lucky that I even talk to you!

It's a Toss Up
Which picture do I love more?
Mindy above? Or Kristy below?

Wanna know why Cheryl is so popular?
because she's so hilarious!
Everyone LOVES Cheryl!!!

Love Rachael!

Of course Jess is the funny girl!
She has the funniest stories to tell!


jksfam said...

I can't tell you how homesick this post made me... :( :( :(

Vern said...

Dear Mindy: I WIN.


The Grapers said...

I love love all the pictures!(especially the ones of me, wish there were more). Thanks for taking them. I had so much fun, and I think everyone else did too. You're pretty awesome yourself Mer.

Josh and Cara said...

Fun pictures! Love the Potato Sack races!

Mindy Williams said...

Dear Kristy: No WAY in HELL do you win. There is more than 1 of me. And you were trying, I wasn't. Hence, victory is mine. Sweet.

Dear Meredith: You're fired. No more pictures.

Dear Kim: We're broken up about the potato sack race before the most competitive woman got there. I think you were all afraid. I would have been on time if Bart had helped me out a little. Ask Kristy about that one.

I have summed it up there.But I'm not bitter at all.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

What the? How come I haven't seen these pics until today??? You are a nut!