Friday, August 14, 2009

Missing Child

So... Last Sunday was the WORST Sunday EVER!
You wanna know why?
I'll tell ya
We Lost Haley!
We looked...and looked...
and looked...
and looked...
and looked..
and looked...
And we Yelled "Haley"
Over and...
over and...
over and...
over and..
She was gone!
We looked under blankets and beds.
In closets and boxes.
Finally we had to call the police.
Our neighbors were looking all over the neighborhood too!
It was Scary!
I was a mess (obviously).
The Policeman even searched our neighbors house TWICE!

Grandma and Grandpa drove to different parks in their car.
Uncle Juan and Auntie Jennie were looking all over too.
She was just GONE!
And the most horrific part for me was that I knew
she would never just leave
like that!
If she went outside to play and she was gone,
It was because someone took her.
Not the most pleasant thought ever!
The Policeman asked if he could check our house one last time.
And I just walked to the dining room and opened the
door to our little buffet table
Curled up asleep
on the bottom shelf!
The little NUT didn't even hear Dad yelling as loud as he could
throughout the whole house!
Not to mention all the neighbors yelling for her outside!
I HELD her so tight!
And cried and cried and cried!!!!
Thanks neighbors for all your help!
The next day Haley and Todd made
sour cream Chocolate chip cookies for everyone that helped look for her.
And each time Haley handed out a plate of cookies
she said
"Thanks for finding me"!
Isn't she cute?
Definitely worth the fuss!


Jamie said...

Oh wow that was a little bit scary. So glad she was safe and sound all along! Will kept telling us, "she's just in the house with Sophie." Guess he was right all along.

Mitchie said...

haha that sounds like something you would've done when you were little. It's bout time you update. IT's been forever.

Robyn said...

I heard about it after the fact, thank goodness!! If I had known I might just have hopped a plane to come help. Glad she's okay and excited for Kindergarten. Let us know how the first day goes.

Karen said...

Oh you sweet thing. That would be terrifying. So glad she was safe and sound hangin' in the buffet table. Sorry you had to go through that though!!

beanstocks said...

That is one of my worst nightmares! I'm so glad you found her safe and sound. She must sleep like a rock to be able to sleep through all of that!

The Grapers said...

Wow, I am so glad you found her....and I'm so glad that you have a new post (although, I hopefully not a crazy one like that again). Your litte kidergartner is super cute. Did I spell it right?

Mortensen Baby Farm said...


I had not idea this happened! Sometimes I wish I could just duck tape my kids to my hip! Sorry that happened to you guys, but glad she was okay! Little stinker. I can just picture her giggling thinking she was being so sneaky! make me tired!

Julie said...

Glad she is safe in her mother's and father's arms. What joys they bring in the end.

Josh and Cara said...

I can't even imagine that! I'm glad everything's ok and she was found. That's nice that you guys took the neighbors cookies and how cute that she said that!