Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sophia Mattina

My baby is 3!!!!
It's sad
But, she's still the sweetest little thing in the whole world!
She is usually a happy little thing!
If she feels "angwee",
she will say a little prayer.
She always asks Heavenly Father to help her to feel happy again!
My favorite thing is when she climbs up in my lap
and just starts to pray.
Sometimes I have to quick and mute the t.v.
Or hold my glass of juice up high out of her way
so she doesn't spill it.
But, I would never turn her down when she wants to pray with me.
She is my little ball of Sunshine!
She's as smart as a whip!
She memorizes little skits and loves to perform with her sisters!
We're all so happy each and every time she walks into the room!


Colorado Oldroyds said...

She looks like such a little sunshine and is too cute! Hope those flowers on her head aren't the only ones left after our little twister.:)

Robyn said...

She is so cute!! Must get that from her Auntie...ha ha. But seriously, she is precious and I miss her (and all of you) so much!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Happy Birthday you stinken cutie pie! She makes me smile - is she for sale?

Mindy Williams said...

Anna and I think she is so cute and Anna was so happy to see that she has that same picture in our house of Sophie! Hard to believe your baby is 3 cause aren't you only like 21?

beanstocks said...

Love that cute little "Soapie"! She is so adorable. Happy birthday Sophie!

The Grapers said...

Your baby is so cute! Can I steal her for a day or two?

Jenni said...

Wow how time flies!!! She is darling and I am so gald you guys escaped the tornado!!!