Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a small confession

When I was a little girl, there was NOTHING like Michael Jackson!

I remember watching him do the famous and immortal "Moon Walk"! It was SO amazing! I thought my eyes were gonna' pop out of my head. It was a "Moment". The kind of thing you can ask later on in life "where were you when..." type of thing.

My Brother and I were "Moon Walking" all over the family room for hours over the course of years and years. And my brother mastered it! I on the other hand... well, if you want I'll show ya. It's not pretty!
I absolutely loved Michael Jackson!
I remember getting a poster of him when I was little. I loved him SO much I would kiss him good night every night before I went to bed. And..... my Mom moved the poster up higher! Which meant that I had to get a running start if I was gonna keep up my tradition!

I also had a pink t-shirt that had his cute little face on it! Needless to say, I wore that thing everywhere I went! Cuz, yall' know.... Michael was the Man!

How MANY memories do I have of him?! I sang his songs with both my eyes closed and I sang while trying to "Break dance" across my bedroom floor. I sang "Man in the Mirror" ALL the flipping way to Bear Lake, in the back of my Sisters pickup with my nephew Josh! We sang it so much that each time we started it up again we just started laughing! I honestly couldn't tell you how we didn't fall out of the truck!

And remember "Free Willie"? Josh and I would sing that like we had made some sort of Drastic religious transformation! We would clap like we were in a church choir deep in the South and we wailed it! But then, we made a fatal error. My nephew started chanting "Go Willie, Go Willie, Go Willie!" And then, out of no where, my Sister Suzy T, whipped the car off the road, slammed on her brakes and said. "That is a special song! I don't want you guys making fun of it anymore!" EEEEERRRRT! We didn't Sass my Sis!

And then, introducing the life long KING OF POP career to my kids. It was like they hadn't heard anything so great as the Jackson Five! It played all day long. My kids made up dances and sprang to life at the mere start of "ABC 123"!

Oh, How MANY times I put my kids in their place with their new short lived artists! "This is NO Michael Jackson" I would correct. I got a certain amount of pride at saying that. He was mine! Not that my kids didn't listen to the same music and not that they didn't LOVE him too, but I was there! I saw him "Moon Walk", I witnessed the transformation of the WORLD because of him! And I breathed it all in like it was MAGIC! And I felt the loss deeply yesterday. As a million memories flooded my mind like clusters of tiny butterflies fluttering through the years. His music at various times in my life and his influence, where I was and what I was doing at that moment.

So.... YEP, I'm a fan! I have been for years! I will be forever!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pioneer Women

In my quest to find lots of info about Pionner bonnets, (I have to make some for our upcoming Primary Trek in July) I came across this lovely site! I laughed SO hard! It was just what I needed today!

click here

I can't wait to hear what you think about this!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sophia Mattina

My baby is 3!!!!
It's sad
But, she's still the sweetest little thing in the whole world!
She is usually a happy little thing!
If she feels "angwee",
she will say a little prayer.
She always asks Heavenly Father to help her to feel happy again!
My favorite thing is when she climbs up in my lap
and just starts to pray.
Sometimes I have to quick and mute the t.v.
Or hold my glass of juice up high out of her way
so she doesn't spill it.
But, I would never turn her down when she wants to pray with me.
She is my little ball of Sunshine!
She's as smart as a whip!
She memorizes little skits and loves to perform with her sisters!
We're all so happy each and every time she walks into the room!