Monday, May 25, 2009

Mad Cleaning!!!

Wanna know how to get your kids to clean like
Silent Auction!
We bought little things for our Family Home Evening lesson.
It was on prayer
After the lesson
we announced that you have 1 hour to clean as much as possible
Mom and Dad have PRE-priced parts of the house that need to be cleaned
Choose Wisely!
Running and Yelling
over things to clean!
Sophie won "Prayer Changes Things"

Abby won "Life is Fragile handle with Prayer"

Haley won the Prayer picture

Hayden won "Did you think to pray?"

They each quietly sat down with Mom and Dad and added up the PTS
And placed their bids.

It was tense as Dad announced the winners!

A Silent Auction will be worked into
Family Home Evening
From now on!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Niiiiiiiice! Very Clever!

Jamie said...

Oh I love it. We will be introducing that clever idea into our family home "meetings" as Will calls them. From now on!

Mindy Williams said...

SUch a good idea. I am going to copy you for sure! You are hilarious. Wanna come clean my house? I will auction off any food you can find, any pennies you find, any rotten rolls in plants, and all you can eat crumbs! :)

The Bergeson's said...

Oh how I wish Eli would go for that right now. Patience Karen! Such a fabulous idea! Clever, clever girl.