Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was on Wikipedia today looking for ideas for my kids to use to write lots and LOTS of essays this summer. When WHAT SHOULD I SEE?! There he is, in all his glory! A picture of Chopin! Not just any picture, the ONLY one ever taken of him!

I'll admit, he doesn't look as happy to write my favorite music as I was hoping he would be, but... I'll take it!

If you have never heard me play the piano before then this might not make sense but.... the truth is that I'm just not what my parents had always dreamed I would be (piano wise, everything else is perfect!LOL) I can only play a few things that might impress you! Unless... it's Chopin!
I still remember hearing Nocturne in E Minor for the first time and what it did to my.... (yes it's cheesy) my soul! I loved it! I don't know how else to put it! I still play it for my kids and if you heard me play it you'd probably think I'm a WHOLE lot better at piano than I actually am!

His lover... Amandine Aurore Lucille Dupin AKA: George Sans (her writer name so people would her take seriously) wrote this about his experience writing a piece one night.

"Chopin is at the piano, quite oblivious of the fact that anyone is listening. He embarks on a sort of casual improvisation, then stops. 'Go on, go on,' exclaims Delacroix, 'That's not the end!' 'It's not even a beginning. Nothing will come ... nothing but reflections, shadows, shapes that won't stay fixed. I'm trying to find the right colour, but I can't even get the form ...' 'You won't find the one without the other,' says Delacroix, 'and both will come together.' 'What if I find nothing but moonlight?' 'Then you will have found the reflection of a reflection.' The idea seems to please the divine artist. He begins again, without seeming to, so uncertain is the shape. Gradually quiet colours begin to show, corresponding to the suave modulations sounding in our ears. Suddenly the note of blue sings out, and the night is all around us, azure and transparent. Light clouds take on fantastic shapes and fill the sky. They gather about the moon which casts upon them great opalescent discs, and wakes the sleeping colours. We dream of a summer night, and sit there waiting for the song of the nightingale ..."

I'm pretty sure this was when he wrote Nocturne in E Minor....... OK! I don't really know that for sure! SHEESH!

Anyway, when I went away to live in San Diego to be a nanny, my Dad learned to play Nocturne in E Minor to make my Mom feel better at night. She would pretend I was home playing it for her. That song still makes me cry. It has had a special place in my heart since the day I first heard it and it ALWAYS will!
Thank you Chopin!


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I love this Meredith...and don't even kid yourself. If you are playing Nocturne in E Minor...girl, you can play.