Sunday, April 19, 2009

I hope I can do this justice!

This is my awesome nephew Josh!
We've been making each other laugh for so long
that when we get together we just pick back up where we left off.
We have made some pretty funny memories together!

In fact...

We're so close that he was my
"Maid of Honor"!

I just wanted to say that April reminds me of him.
It starts off with his Birthday.
He's an April Fool!
I also wanted to publicly declare
I am of him!

He didn't have the best childhood in the world.
But, somewhere along the way he decided to rise above it all!

Because he did...
people have been blessed to know the Gospel because of his mission.
People in our family have had someone to look up to.
I promise he has a serious face.
In fact he's the BEST American Family Insurance guy in all of Utah!
(not to pitch, but if you're interested... here's his slogan
Gosh Darn it, Call Josh Barnett! 435-750-0108)

When he comes to visit.... get in line!
He's that cool!
Happy Birthday Josh!
You're the BEST!
I'm so proud of you, you beat the odds by a MILE!
And you're still climbing.
And..... I love you too, Cara and Conner!
Conner, when you're ready
I have some awesome home movies
of your Dad, that I think you should see!
Pop some popcorn! Woo Hoo!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Huh...made me SMILE!

Josh and Cara said...

Merd! That was by far the best post you have every posted!...of the best husband in the world! That was so sweet....and WOW! The pictures are....Scary,(not you!) and Funny....uhhh is that who I really married!!! :) That last one-WOW!

I am so lucky to have Josh. He is amazing! You know, and I don't know why I'm telling you but thanks! He makes me laugh every SINGLE day!!! And when Conner is a little older and will understand, we need to have some serious Josh and Merd home videos!!! We love you guys and wish you lived closer!! Thanks Merd for such a nice post!! You're great!

Chapman Herd said...

Oh How I loved Josh Barnett in High School! He was always fun to be around!!