Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sophia .... AKA Blondie

video video
These cute little videos are backwards, so watch the one on the Right first.
I put some stripees in Haley's hair (highlights)
And when I was done with her hair,
Sophie hopped in the chair and said "my turn"!
So... When I started to get the foils ready she said
"No, erry ware!" (everywhere)
So, I guess what she wanted is to have her hair done like Hayden.
Where I just smear the bleach everywhere and lighten the whole doo!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

What a sassy little thing!!!

Jason and Lis Day said...

You are soooo fun! Wanna do Addy's hair?!

April Nelson said...

Aww. Kisses. I love it. I love girl days. Can I come. I want my hair done too. I need some more girls so I can teach Haley to french braid. That is hard to do unless you have a girl to show her on. We so need more girls around here.

Josh and Cara said...

Cute! I'm next! Josh keeps telling me to go blonde so he would love it!

rachel'sblog said...

hey aunt merd go check out my blog!!!

The Sadlers said...

She is SO cute! She reminds me a lot of my Nicole. It must be the age thing.

Jamie said...

Oh Sophie we Love her! Will told me, "Sophie has the best toys!" Let's hope they weren't all girl toys he was playing with or I will be a little worried!!

The Bergeson's said...

Oh she is an adorable little squirt isn't she?! Loved it. Just so you were BIG trouble at dance class. No show...whatev!

Julie said...

She is the cutest. Love the hair!