Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Haley Bella's Gardening dream as come true!

First, we got some new pots for our house plants..... aren't they cute? People at the store were like "how much coffee do you drink?" And then I showed them that they were pots for house plants. ha ha ha and then everyone asked where we found them.
Haley's been bugging us and bugging us to let her plant her seeds that she bought. So, we finally let her plant them. The big pot that she's standing by is Strawberries......Mmmmmm! My favorite!
And the smaller pots that are up on the table are different herbs and vegetables. She's so proud of her little garden. And I'm so proud of her! The little Garden that Todd and I started 11 years ago is so much fun to tend!!!! Though I would like them to stop growing..... they just don't want to listen!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

How Fun!!!

April Nelson said...

You guys have a green thumb, that is so cool. Not me. I tell stuff to grow and it just dies instead.

lindylou said...

What a fun idea! And I love the coffee mugs for planters- so colorful!

Julie said...

Totally love the coffee mugs. I can't wait to get back to utah to do that for my home. Keep us updated on you home garden. So fun!