Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abigayle - 11 Hayden - 9 !!!!

Abigayle is now
years old!
She has the best friends here!

Sophie tried to frost her cupcake,
but ended up frosting her fingers!

We didn't have a huge party
a couple friends and family
And maybe Hayden can have a party when we get back from Utah!
He had a little trouble obeying this week,
We'll see how he does this week.

How cute are these two?!
Love is in the air!
We just love Abby! I don't know what we would do without her!
She's the best sister in the world!
The best daughter and the best baby sitter!
She loves the scriptures and her primary teachers!
(oh....that would be Bro. and Sis. Haag)
Hayden is my little sweetheart!
Though he didn't stay committed to keeping his chores done this week...
he really is my little helper!
And the best part about him is that he doesn't do it to brag or toot his horn.
This little guy does it just to be nice!
We love them both so much!
The two of them are such good friends!
They play so well together... they were definitely friends before they came to this family!
Who ever Abby has a crush on or who ever I try to get her to like,
Hayden wants the younger sister. LOL
He wants to be double related to Abby!
Isn't he cute?!
He thinks that would be so much fun!
I told them they have to marry into a family that's right here in our neighborhood!
Because we have the best friends ever!


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Happy Birthday Guys!!!!
They are growing up so fast sniff sniff!

The Sadlers said...

Happy Birthday! Are they really that old? Wow!

Jason and Lis Day said...

Tell those kids to quit growing up!!! Abby will be going to prom before we know it!

The Bergeson's said...

Happy Birthday to them both!!! They are fantastic kids. It might just have to do with the fact that you're pretty rad yourself Meredith...

April Nelson said...

Haley is 11 and John is 9, and there are just as in love with each other. When Haley was into princess she would dress up in her best gown, and have John wear an old sports coat of my brothers, and they would get married disney princess style. To Haley, that meant that they would kiss and then dance. If you think about it, that is what they do in every one of those movies. Well, Happy Birthday guys. You have such a neat family there, and I definately think you had something to do with that.

Josh and Cara said...

Oh Happy Birthday!! We miss you guys! Come back!?!!:) That's stinkin cute about Hayden wanting to marry into the family that Abby marries! I hope my kids are cute like that and like eachother!!!

Alyssa Ruth said...

Tell Abby I said Happy B-day!!! (that will be the 5th time: )

Jenni said...

Can she really be 11??? What a cute family you have and they are growing up so fast!!