Thursday, January 1, 2009

You know I'm Bad, I'm Bad... you know it!!!

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The new year's eve party was so much fun! I seriously couldn't believe how dorky we all looked! And how much we were laughing. 12:00 snuck up on us too quickly.

Abby and Hayden were shocked as they watched me get ready! Abby was flipping out! I kept telling her that when the 80's come back, I'll be there to show her how it's done. She should be glad that I'm so good at the "wings"! Maybe I'll even let her borrow my zipper pants... maybe.

I didn't take any real pictures of the house, but it's there in the back ground of some of our Christmas pictures! So, try to use your imagination.... ok?! Gosh, it's been stressful round' here! Give me a little break ok? Also, most of these pictures are while in the process of moving so nothing is decorated or... clean. It was a big mess for a while there!