Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bath Time!

We made cupcakes...
I turned around after putting them in the oven
to bake, to see this....
I started the tub,
put Haley in
Came back for Sophie
She wasn't quite ready for the tub just yet.
But hey.... we got our kitchen cabinets installed!
That was pretty exciting!

So.....we got that going for us.
And for those of you who are worried about Todd....
He's feeling a ton better!
He's going to live, believe it or not!
I'll post some pictures of his recient adventures soon!
But, eat lunch BEFORE you read about him...
just a warning.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Haley's contest is on!

And once again......
She is making Banana Bread!
If I had a nickle......
Haley loves to bake and as soon as we're done baking....
she wants to make something else.
If she could live in the kitchen, she would!
And she didn't get to make the peanut butter squares with me
for my little contest the other day.
So, today she said she wants to make banana bread for her own contest!
How cute is this little Pumpkin Head?!
So if you want some of Haley's Famous Banana Bread....
Be one of the first 3 to leave a comment and you win!!!
Ready? Set? GO!!!

I forgot to mention that she makes her banana bread with oat flour and flaxseed flour!'s actually good for you!
And some of the loafs have cranberries in them!
You choose...... with or without.
Pay no attention to the over crowded counters....there's no room for anything in this kitchen!
And that's homemade lemonade in the blender behind her! She's a wonder!