Thursday, September 4, 2008

You're so Lucky

So today, a friend of mine told me that she wished they would have rented and built their home so that they could get exactly what they wanted. I can see her point, obviously because that's what we did. And we've had several comments like that from people thinking we are so smart to take our time to get exactly what we want, but I have to say......... living in an apartment with 4 kids.... really SUCKS! So, if you're in any way wallowing about something small and stupid while you live in your nice comfy home, here is a list of things that I miss dearly! I hope it makes you feel super lucky to be you!

1. I miss having kitchen counters. We have none, in fact there is no where to even put a dirty dish, it has to be put in the dishwasher right away.

2. I miss letting my kids take turns dancing right before prayers at night. There is absolutely not room once we've all gathered in a circle on the floor. And sometimes Haley tries to do her usually dance and it makes me sad to stop her because we don't have any room.

3. Brace yourself..... Grocery shopping is a HUGE pain! We park in the parking lot, grab as many bags as we can, walk down the sidewalk, turn... go down more sidewalk, set the bags down while I open the gate....I kick the gate open, set the bags down again, I unlock the door, pick up my bags kick open the door and then......lucky me..... I get to do it all over again till' all the groceries are brought in! Fun huh?!

4. We have to walk or drive all our garbage bags to the big dumpster. Do you have any idea how much garbage a family of 6 can produce just in one day?! So the next time you complain about having to take it out to the GARAGE!!!!...... think of me!!!!

5. Here's the best one..... The absolute weirdest odor is coming from somewhere in our Master Bathroom! We have scoured and scrubbed, bleached and sprayed! But, to our ever lovin' dismay..... we cannot get rid of it! How disgusting is that?! I know!!!! I read a story about an ex-wife that hid meat in her house before she gave it over to her husband.... I'm seriously thinking this is the work of a disgruntled former renter!!!!! And that really happened to my sister in law Robyn! Tell em' Rob.

Pray for me! I might not make it to December!


Gomez said...

I am soooooo super duper sorry...yuck. I promise I will never complain again...haha

How cool ...... how did you get your friends blogs to show that they are updated like that on your cool.

Colorado Oldroyds said...

I hope December comes quickly for you guys. My Andrew is in Haley's primary class. He will be turning 5 in May and we will be sure to give Haley an invite to his party.:) She's a cutie.

Jenni said...

Good Luck to you, I cannot imagine living in an apartment, with our six, a 3800 square foot house isn't big enough!

Robyn said...

I have 2 things to say:

1. Wah! Wah! I know it sucks to live in an apartment, especially with 4 kids, but you've got to look at it from the perspective of you're extremely lucky to have what you do! And its only short-term, you can make it! It could be a lot worse...

2. YES! That did happen to us. AND - Not only was there nasty, rotting meat behind the wallboard in the bathroom (gag!), there was a mummified hamster in the air vent in the living room.

The Mortensen's said...

I am soooooo tired just reading this! Move in already would ya?! I am sick of driving by your house and not seeing your car there - hurry it up already!!!!