Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Juan & Grandpa!

This is our very own Uncle Juan! I bet you wish you had one too. Well, I don't think my kids will share him with ya so, sorry suckers! This birthday was a big one for him, he's......... 29 again!
I know, he doesn't look that old huh?!
Some fun stuff about our Uncle Juan or Uncawun as my girls say, is that he is from Puerto Rico! Thus, far more exotic than the rest of us! He use to be an awesome dancer in his youth! And you'd never recognize him in his photos. He was a skinny little thing!!! No..... I mean bean pole! I wonder if he maybe twirled so hard that he start do lift off the ground like a helicopter?! "Keep your arms down, Juan!..... Come back Juan, come back!" I'm sure it went a little something like that!
He served a mission in ID! Well, its more or less a huge disappointment if someone from UT gets that call, but to a skinny little dancer from Puerto Rico..... "ALLELUIA!...... Yes!.... Idaho!" He had to leave his heathen rice days behind him and start eating potato's! mmmmmm.
At the birthday dinner Grandpa and Dad made pretend birthday candels for Sophie to blow down! She sure was a sick little thing, but this made her cheer up immediately! Grandpa's so smart.
And this is Grandpa! The kids have loved having him here in CO! It makes their move from UT seem a little better knowing that Grandpa and Grandma are coming out here too! Now we just need to work on Auntie Robyn and Uncle Jeff and our little Haag cup will runneth over!
Some great things about Grandpa are that he is a walking dictionary and encyclopedia. Don't think that he doesn't know something because he will prove you wrong. He could probably go on Jeopardy and win the whole thing! Or "Who wants to be a millionaire". Either or he'll have to share the winnings with me!
He loves the scouting program and is an expert for Hayden to go to when he has questions. I'm sure Jarod will know just who to ask when he's in scouts.
Dad says Grandpa's favorite saying growing up was "work first, get it last, you'll have more fun!" The kids think it's annoying.
Another thing that Grandpa gave us is the Church. When he was young his little sister died and it was very devastating to their family. She was only 3 years old. But, because of her death their family took a trip to the Worlds Fair. And there they met missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints. Well you can all guess the rest. And thanks to those missionaries and the events that led up to meeting them. We have a very blessed life! Life might be very different for his kids and grandkids, had he not joined the church.

See her puffy eyes? She's had a fever for two days! And.... poor thing she swells up just like her Mom!
Come Monday...... Haley will be very sad. That's when Grandma flies back to "Nutah"! And we won't hear the end of it for weeks! The second that Grandma got here Haley was complaining about her having to leave again! I'll just make a life size cardboard cut out of her to stick in the corner of her room!


The Sadlers said...

It's so great to be around family, isn't it? And it is so hard when you have to say goodbye. i hope you enjoy it while it last!

Jason and Lis Day said...

You're stealing them away!!!!!! :(

Jenni said...

Cute family!!! I am glad you got ahold of me!!! Your family is so big and are so cute. Looks like all is well with you. Keep in touch!


April Nelson said...

Sorry to hear about the sick kido. Isn't it funny how, even when they are dying, they are still up and about. You guys look like you are having so much fun together.

Jenks Family said...

Thanks for the pictures! I haven't seen Juan and Jenny in a while, Rick and Gayle either. Please say hi to everyone for me!

The Dixon Family said...

Seriously. I love the Arroyo family. Juan's smile is contageous! Happy Birthday!

Lauriann said...

Cute Pictures !
tell Jenny and Juan hi for and RIck and Gayle .....