Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garden of the Gods

So, we finally had some fun this weekend! Stupid, stupid, stupid Colorado weather men! They said that this weekend would be riddled with flash flooding... and ..... Didn't see any!!!! So, yesterday we went to The Garden of the Gods! It was soooooo breath taking! The kids had so much fun. My little scampers are climbers...... thus this was the perfect place to go!
After postponing our plans for three days.... we finally got a clue that they must have meant "Phantom" flash floods! So we took our chances and look!.... The sky was beautiful!
And the best is going anywhere that Haley thinks is fun! She is so funny and cute! She can just say the best "off the wall" things when you least expect it! For example, we found a snake and she told Sophie to stay back because it will eat her! (The snake was about 5 inches long)
I'm really loving the "Smile box" thing lately. So if you're tired of em' you can skip it!
But for the die hard Haag fans.... here ya go!
Click to play Garden of the Gods
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jksfam said...

I love Garden of the Gods! I did go there growing up...

What a great orchestra you are!!!

The Sadlers said...

Okay...not only is that video so cute...but that little girl has some GREAT talent to know how to conduct that song! I'm glad that you went against the weather man...what does he know anyway?
;-) You can never trust the weatherman here in England unless it is today's weather and it is currently happening, if you know what I mean! Glad you guys had fun

The Mortensen's said...

Looks like a blast!!!

Jason and Lis Day said...

Too cute!

The Knight Family said...

Looks like you had a super fun time. We went down there for Spring Break and my kids had a blast too!

Jenks Family said...

That place looks beautiful! You'll have to take us there if we ever make it to Colorado. I love smilebox too, keep it up!

April Nelson said...

It looked so pretty, I bet it was worth it to finally go. I loved the performance at the end.