Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sisters are the Best Friends

One thing that really breaks poor little Haley's heart is when Abby or Hayden get invited to a Birthday party without her. Her dream is to be invited to a Birthday Party. She talks about it all the time. Since we don't live by family and we haven't really lived by any friends her age.... she's never been invited to a Birthday Party. And where do you think Abby went today? To a Birthday Party! Haley cried and cried to Abby to please take her, but Abby tried to explain that it was just a party for her. So after the party, Abby asked if I would take her to Southlands mall so she could get Haley a little gift to make her feel better. Isn't that cute?She knew just where she wanted to go.... Claires. She is such a sweet big sister! She picked out the cutest necklaces for her sisters. They have a "BF" on each that stands for, obviously "Best Friends". And three bracelets. One says "Best" one says "Friends" and the third says "Forever"!
I think Abigayle is the sweetest and best big sister in the whole world!!! And needless to say.... so does Haley! She was so excited just to have Abigayle home that she came running outside to greet her! In spite of her jealously, she wanted to hear all about the party. And as if the necklaces and bracelets weren't enough. Abby spent the rest of her precious baby sitting money at "The Children's Place" getting her new PJ's and a plush robe! So that the two of them could have a Pajama Party that night!
I can't even tell you how proud I am of my kids! And tonight..... especially Abby! She's so thoughtful and kind to her siblings. We couldn't ask for a better little girl! She's my little angel! I'm even more impressed with her when I consider the fact that she was super tired after the party because they went swimming and obviously had a huge blast, but she still thought about her sad little sister back home waiting on pins and needles to hear all about the party!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Juan & Grandpa!

This is our very own Uncle Juan! I bet you wish you had one too. Well, I don't think my kids will share him with ya so, sorry suckers! This birthday was a big one for him, he's......... 29 again!
I know, he doesn't look that old huh?!
Some fun stuff about our Uncle Juan or Uncawun as my girls say, is that he is from Puerto Rico! Thus, far more exotic than the rest of us! He use to be an awesome dancer in his youth! And you'd never recognize him in his photos. He was a skinny little thing!!! No..... I mean bean pole! I wonder if he maybe twirled so hard that he start do lift off the ground like a helicopter?! "Keep your arms down, Juan!..... Come back Juan, come back!" I'm sure it went a little something like that!
He served a mission in ID! Well, its more or less a huge disappointment if someone from UT gets that call, but to a skinny little dancer from Puerto Rico..... "ALLELUIA!...... Yes!.... Idaho!" He had to leave his heathen rice days behind him and start eating potato's! mmmmmm.
At the birthday dinner Grandpa and Dad made pretend birthday candels for Sophie to blow down! She sure was a sick little thing, but this made her cheer up immediately! Grandpa's so smart.
And this is Grandpa! The kids have loved having him here in CO! It makes their move from UT seem a little better knowing that Grandpa and Grandma are coming out here too! Now we just need to work on Auntie Robyn and Uncle Jeff and our little Haag cup will runneth over!
Some great things about Grandpa are that he is a walking dictionary and encyclopedia. Don't think that he doesn't know something because he will prove you wrong. He could probably go on Jeopardy and win the whole thing! Or "Who wants to be a millionaire". Either or he'll have to share the winnings with me!
He loves the scouting program and is an expert for Hayden to go to when he has questions. I'm sure Jarod will know just who to ask when he's in scouts.
Dad says Grandpa's favorite saying growing up was "work first, get it last, you'll have more fun!" The kids think it's annoying.
Another thing that Grandpa gave us is the Church. When he was young his little sister died and it was very devastating to their family. She was only 3 years old. But, because of her death their family took a trip to the Worlds Fair. And there they met missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints. Well you can all guess the rest. And thanks to those missionaries and the events that led up to meeting them. We have a very blessed life! Life might be very different for his kids and grandkids, had he not joined the church.

See her puffy eyes? She's had a fever for two days! And.... poor thing she swells up just like her Mom!
Come Monday...... Haley will be very sad. That's when Grandma flies back to "Nutah"! And we won't hear the end of it for weeks! The second that Grandma got here Haley was complaining about her having to leave again! I'll just make a life size cardboard cut out of her to stick in the corner of her room!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Does anyone have a rocket ship we can borrow?

Today while picking Abby and Hayden up from school, I put a movie on for the girls to watch so that I can read my book. That I love by the way. Its called "Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell". Anyway, I knew that Haley, being the tom boy that she is would love "Toy Story". She probably doesn't remember it, but I'm sure she's seen it before. So, I put it on and I told her she'll love it! So, as the movie is going and I'm off to England in the 1800's. I notice strange noises coming from the back of the car. Haley is jumping and wooshing as Buz Lightyear is introduced to the story. I just thought to myself..."She must really like this movie."
A little while later I'm ripped back into the year 2008 with a small little voice whispering in my ear "Mom, I want to go into space. Could I use your rocket ship?" I smiled at her and explained that I don't have one. But, she looked so innocent and cute and she asked with such faith, that I couldn't break it to her that she couldn't go up in space. So, I quickly added "let's ask Abby and Hayden if they made one at school today. Maybe they will let us borrow it." She pressed her face to the window and watched intently for them.

A little while later, Abby and Hayden got in the car. So I said "Hey guys, did either of you make a rocket ship today? Haley wants to go into outer space. " Catching on quickly they both apologized to her saying "Darn it, not today."

For the rest of the ride home she went on and on to Abby about all the things she was going to do on the other planets. And then like the greatest epiphany, she exclaimed "Dad can make me one! Yes, Dad can make me the biggest rocket ship and I'll fly to the other planets."

We waited for Dad to get home and she asked him the same question that has filled her thoughts since about 2:15. But, of course he had no rocket ship for her.

She wasn't depressed, but her family was definitely letting her down. She wanted to call Grandma right then and there and borrow her rocket ship that was back in "Nutah".
We dropped the kids off at Achievement days and scouts, went to go look at the new roof that our house has, went back to pick up the kids and ..... what's this? Is it a dream?.......Big Brother Hayden...... what a guy!!!! He got in the car with non other that a new rocket ship! Of course it was a little small but, he assured her that as soon as he figures it out..... he's gonna make her a big one someday!
The whole night and even throughout family prayer, she had decided to be an astronaut when she grows up! I haven't seen her this excited about anything for a long time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garden of the Gods

So, we finally had some fun this weekend! Stupid, stupid, stupid Colorado weather men! They said that this weekend would be riddled with flash flooding... and ..... Didn't see any!!!! So, yesterday we went to The Garden of the Gods! It was soooooo breath taking! The kids had so much fun. My little scampers are climbers...... thus this was the perfect place to go!
After postponing our plans for three days.... we finally got a clue that they must have meant "Phantom" flash floods! So we took our chances and look!.... The sky was beautiful!
And the best is going anywhere that Haley thinks is fun! She is so funny and cute! She can just say the best "off the wall" things when you least expect it! For example, we found a snake and she told Sophie to stay back because it will eat her! (The snake was about 5 inches long)
I'm really loving the "Smile box" thing lately. So if you're tired of em' you can skip it!
But for the die hard Haag fans.... here ya go!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Littleton Botanical Gardens

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It wasn't like any Botanical Garden I've been to, but the people there assured me that the one in Denver is more traditional. This one is like a long walk on a country road. Which was great for me because it reminded me of home. The kids liked it too. I just wish there were more flowers.