Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dragon magic or Fairy magic?

We love Barns and Noble! And so what else is new right?! Ok, I admit it... we live there! My kids all love it, but especially my little Haley Bella Boo! She loves the "book store"! And the other day when we were leaving, I told her she could have magic chocolate if she was good. Well, she thinks that magic chocolate is something that can only be bought at Borders book store. Well, we don't live by Borders any more so, I've been trying to convince her that they sell magic chocolate at Barns and Noble as well...... I promise! (By the way, she thinks that the chocolate from Borders makes her uncontrollably happy! And though a placebo it may be, it works!) So, as we placed our tall tower of books on the counter to make our purchases, the clerk walked back toward the register. Loading up the question with "hint, hint". I asked the man if this chocolate here, (I pointed with my wide eyes) was magical! He obviously got the hint because he said catching my hint, "Why yes it is!". And at that moment, he somehow threw tons of sparkling rainbow confetti all around Haley and the chocolate! If I had a camera..... her face was priceless! she was in total awe! So, we all wow-ed and ooo-ed! She finally picked the dragon magic chocolate! And she's been talking about getting more ever since! It was a pretty cool day! Just what she needed!
Oh! And she was as strong as a dragon for hours!


Nixon Family said...

Such a great story. I will have to try the magic chocolate next time I am there.

The Sadlers said...

That story is priceless. Haley is so cute. I don't need magic to convice Nicole to have Chocolate. She is addicted. Danya would love to know that anykind of food is magic. I'll have to try that.

The Mortensen's said...

That is the best story EVER!!! Oh to be a kid again!