Thursday, July 24, 2008

She Did It!

Well, she did it! Sophie use to be so afraid of the swing, in fact she would fuss and arch her back and scream! While Haley would just pull faces at her that would say "what are you crazy? Its a swing!" So, every time we would go to the the park I would make her sit in the swing, motionless for a few minutes. And then.... one day.... she didn't cry. So, I pushed her a little and she started to say in a shaky scared tone, "It's fun? It's fun, Momma?" And I'd tell her "Yes, its fun!" She'd cry after a while, but it was still a HUGE break through for her!
So, last Sunday Todd put her in the swing and let her sit there for a minute and then the EVIL Abigayle came and pushed her! We waited for her to cry, but there was no cry! YEA! But, we still yelled at poor Abigayle like she was beating her with a stick! Ok, well we thought Sophie was going to regress! But, to our surprise and hers....... she's still ALIVE! (Sophie I mean! Abigayle's doing fine too!)

She loves to swing now! Well, for a few minutes at a time anyway!
Who knew the swing would be such a hard trial to over come!?


Chapman Herd said...

Thats awesome she overcame her fear...then there is me who looks at the movement of a swing or tries to push my kids on a swing and I get nausiated! YOur Kids are so dang cute!

Jason and Lis Day said...

She is so cute! I have a little dare devil on my hands. She like sto climb on things and jump off, this could be trouble!