Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mommy Tag

Q: What is something that mommy always says to you?
Haley: Errrrr!
mommy: That’s my Mom coming out in me!

Q: What makes mommy smile?
Haley: Hot Cocoa
mommy: Not in July kid-o

Q: What makes mommy sad?
Haley: Babies could cry
Mommy: And sometimes Mom’s a big baby right?

Q: How does mommy make you laugh?
Haley: When you look at me
mommy: Wow……….. I must be pretty funny looking huh?!

Q: What was mom like as a child?
Haley: You were playing with your Daddy for a long time and then you were helping your Daddy and that’s all.
mommy: well........ That sums it up.

Q: How old is mommy?
Haley: 321
mommy: if you take out the 2 you’d hit it right on the head ya little squirt!

Q: How tall is mommy?
Haley: 60
mommy: is that tall?

Q: What is mommy's favorite thing to do?
Haley: feed babies.
mommy: how’d she know that?

Q: What does mommy do when you're not home?
Haley: You get sad
mommy: oh! How precious is that?

Q: If mommy could be like someone on TV, who would it be?
Haley: Sugar me!
mommy: Oh yea! That means Def Leppard! Are you still confused? It means she thinks I'm cool! ok?!

Q: What is mommy really good at?
Haley: making bird houses
mommy: uhhhh…….I had no idea

Q:What is mommy NOT good at?
Haley: making light bulbs
mommy: hey now! Back in Jr. High…..

Q: What is mommy's job?
Haley: taking care of me and opening presents!
mommy: Where the Heck are all the presents?! If that’s my job… hello!

Q: What is mommy's favorite food?
Haley: spaghetti that’s really tall And strawberry cake.
mommy: yea…. She’s got quite the imagination

Q: What makes you proud of mommy?
Haley: Ice skating
mommy: If only she was there when I actually use to skate huh?!

Q: If mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Haley: Mike Wakowsky or how bout’ Randal. But you’re my Mommy
mommy: Don’t hold back Haley, tell me what you think of me. (When she said the last part, I think it was because she saw my jaw drop!)

Q: What do you and mommy like to do together?
Haley: Make bubbles
mommy: when was that? Like last summer?

Q: How are you and mommy the same?
Haley: I pull faces
Mommy: How true that is pal! Give me five! We got it goin’ on! It’s too bad you don’t know your uncle Jon very well, he’s the King!

Q: How are you and mommy different?
Haley: I sing!
mommy: Well that’s just rude. I’m sure she was confused by the question.

Q: How do you know mommy loves you?
Haley: Cuz I need a hug and you hug me!
mommy: Who’s my little princess?! Give me a big one Bella Boo!

Thanks Jessica! That was a blast!

Mallory and Mason Hinds, Joshua Leishman, Danya Sadler, Haylee Chapman and Levi Nixon! I'll take my chances and Tag Jessica Vielstich too! Come on Melyssa you can do it!
I can't wait to read them!


The Sadlers said...

okay, This will be interesting. Hey, as soon as Melyssa has a blog I want to know about it! I LOVED Haley's comments she is so DANG CUTE!!!

The Bergeson's said...

I love it. You are so lucky...I wish MY job was opening presents!!

The Mortensen's said...

Two questions...

lightbulbs? birdhouses?

Seriously that is hilarious!

Julie said...

Cheria taged me. I tried to do it with emma and she only said "No" to each question. I will try again. I think its a great Idea. oh, and love your blog.