Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Well she's 2 years old! You'd think out of common consideration, she'd stop growing for a little while just so I can squeeze her little thighs a little longer! But no, she just keeps growing and growing! None of my kids listen to me when I tell them to stop growing!

Anyway, we love our little Sophia Mattina Meredith Haag! What a name for just a little thing! She is truly a sweet heart down to the core! It's been so fun to listen to her talk and try to communicate with us the best she can! I can't imagine life without her! I know Haley and I would be pretty bored round' here if we didn't have a little Sophie to brighten our days!

We love you Sophie! Happy Birthday!


jksfam said...

Happy Birthday, Sophia Mattina Meredith Haag! They definitely grow fast (although somedays I'm thankful for that...).

Robyn said...

Hooray for Sophie! I have three things to say: 1)She looks almost as big as Haley now, wow! 2)She looks a lot like you Meredith... 3)What is up with Todd's 80's hair? I'm just saying!

The Sadlers said...

happy birthday! They do grow so fast. Nicole's birthday in next week on the 12th. I can't believe that they are turning two this year.

The Mortensen's said...

Happy Day Kiddo! You are just tooooo cute!