Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family walk

We went for a little walk down by the reservoir the other day. Well, not Hayden obviously, he was busy sleeping on the couch the entire day! It was such a beautiful day as you can see. We just have the funnest time on our family walks. It's gonna be sad to leave. Even though we'll only be a mile or so down the street.
We've loved being able to just grab the kids and go for a stroll. I don't think moving will keep us from the beach though. We love the water and we know how to get in for free! So, we're set!

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The Sadlers said...

Nice to have a place to go on walks. Your blog looks really cute, by the way. I have a hard time figure that stuff out, or maybe its finding the time to figure it out, but it looks SO cute.