Monday, June 9, 2008

The dying tooth!

So, a few months ago Hayden chipped his front tooth. Ok, ok, well Abby chipped his front tooth! Anyway this last week he started to puff up! He kept telling me that his tooth hurt, but he just had a tooth pulled so I just kept telling him that it will feel better. But, when he couldn't sleep and he was sobbing all night, I decided to take him back into the dentist. It turns out that his tooth is dying. We thought that rebuilding it would solve all the problems, but alas it decided not to pull through for us! Jerk tooth! So he is on 250 MG of Amoxicillin every 8 hours! Seems like a lot right?! Well, he's finally feeling better today, which is so good. The poor kid was just in so much pain. And when it comes to the Dentist..... he's such a trooper! He doesn't mind it at all. Shots and drilling... nothing bothers him, so I knew something must be really wrong this time!
He'll have to have a root canal this week. We just have to wait until the infection is under control! And I need to decide if I want to pay for a root canal! Its expensive!!!! ..... I guess Hayden is worth it!


jksfam said...

I'm so sorry, Hayden! I hope that you feel better soon! Let me know i fyou need anything, Meredith!

Robyn said...

Poor baby! Lots of love and hugs, wish we could be there to keep you entertained while you're not feeling good.

The Sadlers said...

Ow, I hate any kind of pain in my mouth. I hope that things get better for him. Good luck with that root canal, uck! Sorry, buddy!

The Mortensen's said...

Oh sweet Hayden!!! That just makes me want to cry! You tough cookie you! Make your mom give you all the icecream you want - tell her I said so!

Hope your doing better big guy!