Friday, June 27, 2008

So you think you can dance?

Well, my little dancers had their recital! They all did awesome! I thought for sure that Haley would just freeze, but to our surprise.... she smiled and danced away! She had three different dances and she did so wonderful in all of them! We are so proud of her! She's a wonderful little girl.... my little sweet heart!
Hayden was anothoer one that I thought might be a deer in the headlights. But, he put his cool face on and started to street dance like no-body's business! He even had a little solo that got lot's of screams! I guess he's one hot dancer!
Abby was another one that had three dances. And she was brilliant in each one! But, of course Abby is an old pro at this recital stuff by now! I think she's bored with it all though.
We're so proud of all three of them! It was a stressful, but wonderful to watch them perform!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Visit

Ted and Melyssa (my niece and her husband) and their kids came for a visit this week end! We didn't get to see as much of them as we'd like, but it was still fun. We played the famous music game that Todd and I created! We call it "The Game". It was fun, even though I definitely didn't win. I have to say that Tedd did pretty good. So, did Nick (my nephew that lives here in CO), but Melyssa?..... Not so much. Love ya Melyssa!

We also went out to eat at Maggiano's. I'll never forget the look on Tedd's face when he looked at the size of Melyssa's meal! It did look like they wanted her to eat out of a tub! That was a lot of food! We're so glad for the visit! Hopefully it won't be too long until we see them again!

Family walk

We went for a little walk down by the reservoir the other day. Well, not Hayden obviously, he was busy sleeping on the couch the entire day! It was such a beautiful day as you can see. We just have the funnest time on our family walks. It's gonna be sad to leave. Even though we'll only be a mile or so down the street.
We've loved being able to just grab the kids and go for a stroll. I don't think moving will keep us from the beach though. We love the water and we know how to get in for free! So, we're set!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The dying tooth!

So, a few months ago Hayden chipped his front tooth. Ok, ok, well Abby chipped his front tooth! Anyway this last week he started to puff up! He kept telling me that his tooth hurt, but he just had a tooth pulled so I just kept telling him that it will feel better. But, when he couldn't sleep and he was sobbing all night, I decided to take him back into the dentist. It turns out that his tooth is dying. We thought that rebuilding it would solve all the problems, but alas it decided not to pull through for us! Jerk tooth! So he is on 250 MG of Amoxicillin every 8 hours! Seems like a lot right?! Well, he's finally feeling better today, which is so good. The poor kid was just in so much pain. And when it comes to the Dentist..... he's such a trooper! He doesn't mind it at all. Shots and drilling... nothing bothers him, so I knew something must be really wrong this time!
He'll have to have a root canal this week. We just have to wait until the infection is under control! And I need to decide if I want to pay for a root canal! Its expensive!!!! ..... I guess Hayden is worth it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Well she's 2 years old! You'd think out of common consideration, she'd stop growing for a little while just so I can squeeze her little thighs a little longer! But no, she just keeps growing and growing! None of my kids listen to me when I tell them to stop growing!

Anyway, we love our little Sophia Mattina Meredith Haag! What a name for just a little thing! She is truly a sweet heart down to the core! It's been so fun to listen to her talk and try to communicate with us the best she can! I can't imagine life without her! I know Haley and I would be pretty bored round' here if we didn't have a little Sophie to brighten our days!

We love you Sophie! Happy Birthday!