Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shhhhh, Haley's asleep!

It was a little late, when I asked Abby to take a shower for church the next day. Of course Haley threw a fit! She wanted to take a shower too! It's not fair if sister gets to do something without her.

So, I put the two of them in the shower and turned around to go back down stairs to finish what ever it is Todd and I were watching. A few minutes later Abby yells for some towels. I yelled back that I put them on the edge of the tub. And since Abby feels like she now needs two towels instead of just one, she must have told Haley that she would go get her a towel, but she forgot.
It was a while after Abby was all dried off when we asked her where Haley was. I went up stairs to take a look and this is what I found............my little sweet heart asleep on the shower floor!
Quick thinking for Todd to throw a towel on her before we shot the picture!


The Mortensen's said...

Ummmm that is the funniest thing EVER!!! That kid cracks me up!

Welcome to the BLOG world guys! Glad to have ya!

The Sadlers said...

I am so glad that you started a blog. I love being able to see what friends and family are up too. Your kids are really cute. I love the hula dancing! -Cheria

jksfam said...

Don't you love where they fall asleep?!? Glad to find your blog!

Day By Day said...

Your kids are getting so big!