Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our first taste of Summer!

Well, I did it! I broke down and bought her a cheap little pool that will probably kill the grass! But who cares..... we're renters!

We went to the beach earlier, but as usual, I forgot the camera! "genius!" It was so fun to watch the girls run back and forth from the water just feeling free to go crazy and scream. I love the summer! And we can't wait to get the summer fun into full swing! You know me.... I live for it! Winter is sooooooo over rated! And honestly.......why is it on the planet at all? I'm gonna file a formal complaint with Mother Nature!

Who's with me?!! Boooooo Winter!


The Mortensen's said...

Booooo is right sista! I will take a pair of flip flops any day over a pair of snowboots! Right now the thought of snow makes me CRANKY!

Love the pool - can't wait until you invite us over for a pool party! Ha! We ran thru the sprinklers last night...it just felt right and boy did the kids have fun!

Bring on the sunshine!

The Sadlers said...

That's one thing i love about England, the winter has almost no snow and it isn't horribly cold like Utah. I love the spring and fall, those are MY favorite seasons!