Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lighting Strikes!

Look what was out our window last night! It was non stop lightning for over an hour to the east. So the American Idol finale was even more exciting than usual! The funny thing was that there was lots of lightning, but absolutely no thunder what so ever. Crazy huh?

I couldn't quite get the "point and click" at the right time. I tried ok?! Lightning is quick, hence the phrase "Lightning Fast!" Which you all now know...... I'm not.

Well, ok this one looks like it was taken back in 1973, the blessed year Todd was sent by Heaven above to grace us all with his self proclaimed "gift of mad skills!", but that's forgivable right?


The Sadlers said...

Nice pictures! But don't spoil the ending of Idol! I have worked so hard not to find out the ending because in England we get it two days behind America. So I get to watch them sing tonight and I will find out friday night who wins! Lame but I love it!

Robyn said...

Are you sure Todd was sent from heaven? He can be a little devil sometimes!

The Mortensen's said...

That was a crazy little storm last night right? The kids and I love that! Just a little show from above!

Idol was awesome! I just hoping a David would win and one did! Don't want to spoil it for your friend here, but it was an ending to remember!